Kenya Kids

Tim and Kathy MacLean started a mission named Foundation Stone Ministry in 2001. In 2004, they started caring for eight orphans in Bondo, Kenya, and in addition, the found themselves feeding more than one hundred nearby children each week.

Currently, they provide housing, food, medical care, and education for at least forty
children. They offer Pre-K through 8th-grade classes for the residents, as well as other
nearby children in need. In 2014, they built a chapel to provide church services and event space for all.

My husband, Scott, and I learned about the mission in 2015 from our good friends
Lauren and Dale Reece, whom we know from the horse world. They were planning a trip to volunteer in Kenya because Tim MacLean is Lauren’s brother. They were raising
money to buy new mattresses for the children. The four of us started an annual fund raising event called Kenya Kids. During this day-long event, Lauren and Dale would set up a dressage, cones, and a marathon course for the driven horse event. I would accept entries and help with whatever needed to be done on the grounds of the events. Lauren, as a technical delegate for driving competitions, managed everything. Scott, an accomplished world-level driver, and a judge would judge and critique the drivers. We also held Kenya Kids Clinics, in which Scott would work one-on-one with drivers and their horses. For several years, we provided this program in Maine and then in Florida until Scott retired.

Below, you will see cheerful faces and observe the unique way the mattresses were
delivered! Many of the children keep all their possessions under their mattress. Makes
me think how blessed we are.

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