Reading & Writing Summer Programs

Weld, Maine, is a small remote village and is home to Mount Blue State Park, Webb Lake, and Mount Blue. Weld is surrounded by the beauty of the Tumbledown Mountain Range. Tumbledown is an amazing climbing experience for all levels. When you reach the peak, you have a panoramic view that stretches for miles on a clear day. If you reach the peak at the right time of year, you can even take a dip in the pond at the top and pick some blueberries!

Weld Free Public Library is a hidden gem. A quaint little library tucked in the village of
Weld. This charming library provides a great variety of books for all ages, including
videos, magazines, and free Wi-Fi. It has a great local following, and the Wi-Fi has come
in handy many a day for me sending my books to print houses. There are often several cars enjoying the library’s much-appreciated internet service in the rural area. As a trustee of the board for three years, I put my efforts into reviving the once-active Summer Reading Program. Starting with three children in attendance, by the time moved there were twenty-five children in the program and growing.

Weld State Park campers visiting Webb Lake also bring children to the program.
Children from Maine, New York, Massachusetts, Utah, California, and Montreal came
together to read and write their stories.

Each of the summer’s reading programs was based on the Maine Library Association’s
annual topic. Some of the subjects have included: All Together Now and Oceans of
. Perhaps I will share download worksheets here in the future!

Get your kiddos reading this summer!

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